8 Fabulous Cheap Eats under $10 in Tucson

Cheesesteak on table with fries

If you study at the University of Arizona, you have a lot going on. You probably don’t have time to cook your own meals, so our recommendations for affordable food options near campus are here.

For Tucson’s cheap eats, consider these locations.

China Pasta House

China Pasta House is a staple in the area. You will get a lot of food for under $10 (most plates). Choose all of your favorite Chinese foods, including spicy hot noodles, cabbage fried with pork belly rice, and braised beef noodles, for example. Other options on the menu include Kung Pao chicken, double-cooked pork fried rice, and even curry beef rice. The menu is always fresh, and the food is hot.

El Sur Restaurant

El Sur Restaurant is your go-to place for the best Mexican in the area. Again, you’re going to get a lot of food for each meal, and the prices are very affordable. There are dozens of options under $10, and they are sure to offer lots of flavor and spice if you want it. Stop in for an El Omelette Mexicano for breakfast if you wish. There are lunch and dinner specials each day as well. Everything you want is here and then some from tacos to tostadas, burritos, and flautas.

Biscuits Country Café

For stick-to-your-bones good food, check out the options at Biscuits Country Café. You can get a three-cheese omelet for breakfast for under $10. Or go for pancakes, skillets, or burritos. There are also many sandwiches on the menu to fit most needs. You can add a milkshake to your meal or get some dessert with it for a bit more. Check out the malts that are only $4. There is always something fresh baking here.

Serial Grillers

Serial Grillers is the kind of place college students who want cheap eats that are different and unique go in Tucson. It’s outstanding and more affordable than most realize. Choose a cheesesteak with variations ranging from the Pennywise with chicken and grilled onions to the Michael Vegetarian with its chipotle black bean veggie patty. You can build your pizza and keep it pretty affordable. There are also some outstanding calzones on the menu. Some of the best meals are the cheeseburgers here, all with pretty outstanding names like the Jack of All Trades or Fallen.

Franks and Francisco’s

Franks and Francisco’s is a local favorite for many reasons. First, breakfast specials are under $5 if you’re on a budget. If you are looking for an elevated level of Mexican food, check out Francisco’s part of this restaurant. The burgers are full of flavor. No matter when you come, the food is always interesting and made authentically.

Robert’s Restaurant

Robert’s Restaurant is easily one of the best places to go for food that feels like home. You are sure to find plenty of options for breakfast for under $10. When it comes to cheap eats for lunch and dinner, this location has you set as well. Choose options like a roast beef dinner, chicken fried chicken, and burgers with fries. Don’t leave without a cinnamon roll. It would help if you had it for breakfast tomorrow.

Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete’s has a full menu of options. Choose from burritos, bowls, tacos, salads, or nachos. Top it with everything you love, from chicken and steak to beer-battered fish. Or, go vegan. Just about everything is affordable and under $10. That’s a cheap meal that will keep you full.

Frankie’s South Philly Cheesesteaks

Frankie’s South Philly Cheesesteaks are outstanding. Everything is made from scratch, just about. Choose from numerous types of cheesesteaks, lots of toppings, or go with the hoagies or other sandwiches on the menu. You will find it’s filling for a long night of study.

Living near the University of Arizona in Tucson gives you access to some of the finest food around. Not just cheap eats, mind you – but amazing, mouth-watering food.