Six Part-Time Jobs You Actually Will Enjoy

Six Part-Time Jobs You Actually Will Enjoy

After all, while preparing for your future career, you need funds to live on in the meantime. Thankfully, Tucson is an ideal place to find some amazing part-time jobs you will actually enjoy. Read below to learn more.

1. Boutique Sales Associate

There are many boutiques in and around Tucson, and if you happen to love fashion, this can be an ideal job for you. In most cases, you will get an employee discount on the items in the store, which translates to a savings on your accessories and clothing, while you make money. To succeed in the boutique world, you should love fashion, be generally stylish, outgoing and friendly. Also, be prepared to work weekends and afternoons.

2. Photographer Assistant

Tucson is full of amazing skylines, historic buildings, and photo opts galore. Consequently, there are many people who take advantage of the picturesque city and practice the art of photography as a profession. If you can find a photographer who needs an assistant, this can be a really fun, educational job. Of course, this type of work won’t always be steady, so you might not be able to rely on it as your only means of support.

3. Babysitter

You might have assumed your babysitting days were behind you when you graduated high school, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Check out the site to find families in need of qualified, responsible sitters near you, or ask your friends and family members (if they live nearby) if they know of a family in need of sitter services.

fitness photographer

When you’re a college student you want a flexible part-time job that can accommodate your class schedule.

4. Fitness Instructor/Office Associate

If you love staying fit and going to the gym, why not make money during the process? Get the proper certifications to teach a class or just work the desk for your favorite gym or yoga studio in the Tucson area. Not only will you generate some income, but you will stay fit and active at the same time.

5. Freelance Writer

If you have a flare for the written word, why not try your hand at freelance writing? This is especially helpful if you happen to be going into the journalism field. However, even if you aren’t, you can still earn some money, on your own time, from the comfort of your student apartment in off-campus housing. Be aware, though, that this is something that isn’t very steady and will ebb and flow. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have another job in place in addition to this one.

6. Campus Tour Guide

As a student, you might want to become a campus tour guide. This is a great fit if you also happen to be outgoing, friendly and love your school. As a campus tour guide, your job will be to guide potential students along with their families as they tour your college. A great tour guide will offer extra insight during the tour to help students and their families decide if the school is a good fit and can also weigh in on off-campus student housing or other student living options.

The above are six part-time jobs you will enjoy. Each will add an element of experience to your life that will be valuable throughout your career, so choose one and start making some money!