Top University of Arizona Majors & Degrees

University of Arizona Majors

The University of Arizona is a large school of over 33,000 students, graduating around 6,700 students each year.

It’s recognized for many things, including the nearly 300 graduate and undergraduate degree programs and certificates it offers.

It’s also noted as being one of the most innovative schools in the country. For those considering attending, check out the top University of Arizona majors available, including the best bachelor’s degrees for students from the school.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, College of Science

As one of the most popular degree programs at the University of Arizona, the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides students with classroom discovery and opportunities to engage in scientific research and hands-on learning. Students can take what they learn from this program and apply it to entry-level degrees in law, marketing, counseling, social work, teaching, and much more.

The school also offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science, one of its newest majors. It includes extensive research experience and may help prep students for a career in medicine.

Bachelor of Science in Physiology, College of Medicine Tucson

The University of Arizona also offers a top-rated degree in physiology. The Bachelor of Science in Physiology provides general study in the field and allows students to choose from a range of electives. They can select a physiology emphasis or a medical science emphasis. Other options include an exercise and extreme physiology emphasis and a physiological research and innovation emphasis.

The program is competitive due to the demand for these innovative courses. There’s also an honors program in this particular degree. For those who want to get fast access to clinical breakthroughs and research studies, consider remaining at the school after completing the bachelor’s to pursue a graduate degree through this program.

friends sitting and laughing on table

From personal relationships and workplace dynamics to media messaging, learn how to understand and master the complexities of communication.

Bachelor of Arts in Communications, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Those interested in the arts, media, journalism, or public relations may wish to pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Arizona. This program has a heavy focus on research in innovative and modern methods of communication. It also teaches critical thinking skills, how humans interact with each other, and the effects of communication breakdowns.

This BA degree also offers both theory and practical education, providing students with the opportunity to choose electives in areas that interest them and then, in some cases, get out into the field. Most students complete this degree in four years and then enter the field, but others work to complete a master’s degree at UA.

Master of Public Health, Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

For those with a bachelor’s in the field, the Master of Public Health degree at the University of Arizona could be the best stepping stone into the field. It’s a two-year program for most full-time students, but some can take it as a part-time program, which spans up to 6 years. Students will focus on MPH competencies and work in various concentrations when completed.

That includes biostatistics, epidemiology, global health, family and child health, and health behavior promotion. Another benefit of this program is that many students have a dual degree in a related field, such as a medical degree or an MBA.

University of Arizona College of Engineering

The University of Arizona offers 16 different engineering degree programs.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

UArizona offers 16 different engineering degree programs, so it is a prominent school for engineering innovators in the region. The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular options. This program teaches some of the most complex engineering aspects, including relying on physical, math, and material design to change the world.

This program is known for its wide range of research opportunities. Students are encouraged to take advantage of internships and independent study. Many students complete their bachelor’s degree then come back to earn a graduate degree here.

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