UArizona FAQ: Find Out More About UArizona

The University of Arizona is globally recognized and ranked among the best 100 universities.

UArizona was founded in 1885 and has more than 33,000 students and as a new or prospective student to UArizona, you probably have many questions regarding the university, from the academics to the accommodation. Here is a list of UArizona FAQs that every student should know.

The University

What is the University of Arizona Popular for?

UArizona is one of the oldest universities in Arizona. The institution is popular for research, where students coordinate well with their instructors to develop critical solutions to problems. In addition, the university has an outstanding academic performance and is among the top recognized universities in the world.

What is the Mission of the University of Arizona?

As one of the leading universities in the American southwest, UArizona has a mission to “teach and educate the people of Arizona, as well everyone from the world.”

Is the University of Arizona Worth it?

Yes, UArizona is one of the most reputable universities in Arizona. It has ranked number 4 out of 18 in Arizona in terms of quality and 3 out of 12 in terms of value. It’s a high-ranking institution with a world-class education and top programs for students.

What Kind of People Can Go to UArizona?

Anyone can attend this school. There are many courses, including first-degree courses, masters, and PhDs. Both the students and the professors are very friendly, so you will feel welcomed as you visit or walk through the streets.


How Do I Get to the University of Arizona?

You can apply for the course of your choice in UArizona if you attended a regionally accredited high school; you have a GPO of 3.0 and ranks in the top 25% of your graduate school. In fact, you can also apply online if you meet the minimum requirements.

Who Can I Contact With Questions Regarding My Application?

Students should always refer to the UArizona website on the admissions page with all their applications.

Can I Cancel My Application?

Yes, you can cancel your application to UArizona if you have not yet paid your enrollment fees. However, you should cancel the application by filling in the admissions cancellation form. If you have already paid the enrollment fee, you should visit the next step center for more information on your cancellation.

I’ve Been Admitted to UArizona. What Should I Do Next?

The next step is to pay your enrollment fee and sign up for the orientation. You should also open your student portal to register for your courses or check if the registration is okay. You can visit the next step center to know more about the remaining action steps.

Can I Defer My Admission?

Yes, UArizona students can request an admission defer anytime they feel they won’t accomplish the studies at that given period. For more information on how you can defer your admission, please check the university’s website defer options.

Researching about UArizona school regulations - male students using a laptop for their research.

Check out the course catalog to see the comprehensive list of the courses offered by the institution.


List of Courses Offered in UArizona?

UArizona offers a wide range of courses, from psychology to behavioral sciences to mechanical engineering. Check out the course catalog to see the comprehensive list of the courses offered by the institution.

How Do I Register for Courses in UArizona?

Students eligible for enrolling in UArizona courses should do so through their student portal. Students who experience challenges during the registering process should talk to their instructions/departments for quick help.

Can I Apply for Both In-Person and Online Courses?

No, you cannot apply for both online and in-person classes simultaneously. Also, you cannot do all courses online, so you should visit the main campus first for advice before applying.

Can I Appeal for a Denied Student Application?

Yes, you can always appeal, but you first need to talk to the team to know the reasons and get your appeal process started. Call the number 520-621-0898 for more details on the appeal process.


How Much Does it Cost to Study at the University of Arizona?

The cost of study varies from one person to another due to multiple determining factors. These factors include the specific courses you will be undertaking, the amount you spend on food, supplies, books, as well as other personal expenses. You can visit the UArizona cost page to learn more about costs.

How Do I Apply for Financial Help?

The Scholarships and Financial Aid office provides detailed information to students looking forward to applying for scholarships. The funding options also vary every year, so you should carefully review your options before applying.

How Will I Know If I Have Received Financial Aid?

The scholarships and financial aid office will notify you using the contact details you leave when applying. You can also check the status of the application using the application portal.


Is COVID-19 Vaccine a Mandatory Requirement on the Campus?

Please visit to learn more about COVID-19 as well as vaccinations at the institution. If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, get tested immediately as well as adhere to the set regulations.

Are Face-Covering Allowed in the University During the COVID-19 Period?

Yes, students need to use high masks grades such as KN95 or KF94 masks to observe safety. The face coverings should be worn everywhere in the institution, both indoors as well as outdoors.

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Do They Require Students to Live on Campus?

It’s optional. The university is equipped with dorms, but you can still stay outside. You can visit the housing and residential life website to know more about the campus dorms.

Is There Off-Campus Housing in Arizona?

Yes, there are off-campus housing options in Arizona that offer many benefits over the student dorms. Be sure to check out Aspire Tucson to explore the available off-campus apartments.

Are Off-Campus Apartments Easy to Access?

Yes, many campus apartments are closely located at the school, so you can simply walk to and from the school at any time. Furthermore, the Cat Tran shuttle service is available to off-campus lots.

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