UArizona Off-Campus vs. On-Campus Dorm Living Pros & Cons

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For those considering living on-campus vs. off-campus near the University of Arizona, it’s a good idea to consider the pros and cons of each option.

There’s no doubt this area of Tucson is vibrant and offers just about everything a student needs to thrive, but for those making the big decision of where to live during their college years, there’s more to think about than just these factors.

Living on Campus Vs. Off-Campus – Let’s Break It Down

It’s possible to say there are pros and cons of living on campus and off-campus. These will change for each person, too. Still, here is a look at a few things you’ll want to consider no matter which path you are leaning towards right now.

Living on Campus Pros

Living on campus often provides several benefits, including the short walk to each class. Here are some things to think about before doing so.

  • It’s easier to make friends quickly when everyone lives close to each other. You’ll be able to participate in residence events that help to make friend-making a bit easier, too.
  • On-campus resources, like the library and labs, are close at hand. You may have a quick walk to get to them from your dorm.
  • You can get out of bed 10 minutes before class and make it there on time. That’s a plus come midterm crunches.
  • Most often, your dorm will have cleaning staff available. If you don’t like to clean up, that’s a plus for sure.
  • There’s always the caf to get something to eat. You don’t have to cook or worry about where meals are coming from.

Living on Campus Cons

There are a few things that make a living on campus a bit more frustrating for some college students. Add these things to your living on campus vs off campus debate.

  • It’s more expensive to live on campus most often. Now, you may be folding these costs into student loans, but that gets expensive in the long term.
  • You may not like the person you share your dorm room with or even those nearby. That can be a problem for students who need the right atmosphere.
  • There’s less privacy than living off-campus. Let’s face it, you have a dormmate who is likely to bring in friends at all times of the day and night (sometimes).
  • If you don’t bring a car with you, the only resources you have are those on the campus. Getting around locally in Tucson can prove a problem.
  • It’s not always easy to study if you’re living in a space that’s noisy. Some dorms are much louder than others.

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Living Off-Campus Pros

Living off-campus, such as in an apartment complex close to the University of Arizona in Tucson, may offer a few benefits to you. Again, it’s a personal choice but consider these factors.

  • You choose who you live with within the house. Sometimes, it may even be a group of friends you have known for a while.
  • There’s a cost but it may be less than what you could expect in paying for a dorm on campus. Be sure to do the math to determine what you’re actually paying.
  • You still are close to campus which means you have access to all of the campus resources a person living on campus does. They just are not as close to you.
  • Living off-campus and buying a meal plan allows you to get the best of most needs. It’s more affordable to pay for meals this way in many cases.
  • You have ample privacy and a space that you feel comfortable in because you’ve selected it. That’s very valuable to many students.

Living Off-Campus Cons

Living off-campus may have a few disadvantages for some students. Keep in mind that this differs based on where you live as well.

  • You’ll need to find a location to live. That’s not always easy because off-campus living tends to be in demand.
  • You’ll still have to pay for your off-campus housing, even though the costs may be less than paying to live in a dorm.
  • It is likely that you’ll need to do some cooking and cleaning up after yourself. These may be good habits to form now anyway.
  • It’s important to know the terms and conditions of your lease. Sometimes a parent needs to sign the lease as well.
  • Living off-campus means you’ll likely need a car to get you to and from the house on a routine basis. The good news is you’ll have that car to use for other needs, too.

When it comes down to it, living on campus vs off campus is really about the type of college life you want to have. In Tucson, you can choose from plenty of experiences.