What You Need to Know for the Spring Semester at the University of Arizona

The start of the holiday season means the countdown to the end of the fall semester for the University of Arizona students. But after just a few short weeks, U of A students will find themselves back in session with the start of the Spring 2023 semester

To ensure students have the critical dates in mind for spring and summer 2023 at the University of South Florida, here’s a rundown of what you need to know to prepare for the upcoming terms at U of A. 

How long is winter break at the University of Arizona?

Students at the University of Arizona have nearly an entire month off for winter break, which runs from December 15th – January 11th.

The final day of Fall 2022 semester classes is December 7th, and students then have one day off as a Reading Day to begin studying for final exams, starting on December 9th. Finals run for almost an entire week, ending on December 15th. Not all students will have to be on-campus through the last day of finals, as schedules vary by course and department, although some students opt to remain through the last day of finals to celebrate the end of the semester with friends. 

There is a short Winter 2022 period during which some classes are offered for students who are short on credit hours and want to avoid having to take coursework over the summer. The Winter 2022 sessions start on December 19th and run through January 10th, with no classes scheduled on December 26th, 27th, or January 2nd. 

When does the spring semester start at the University of Arizona?

The Spring 2023 semester at the University of Arizona starts on Wednesday, January 11th.

Students will not have classes on Monday, January 16th, in recognition of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, so the first full week of spring classes won’t be until January 23rd. 

How many hours is a full schedule of classes at the University of Arizona?

Students at the University of Arizona are considered full-time when enrolled in at least 12 units worth of courses.

For most students, this averages to about four classes per semester. Still, some degree programs, especially those with laboratory hours, may require more than 12 units during a given semester to meet their departmental graduation requirements. 

Due to limited capacity on some courses, students may also find themselves going beyond 12 units to enroll in a required course for their graduation requirement. This can sometimes be offset by enrolling in fewer hours in another semester. However, students should confirm if any of their scholarship or grant programs require that they remain full-time as part of the eligibility requirement.

Each College at the U of A sets a maximum number of units that an undergraduate can take in a given semester or term, including the winter and summer terms. For most departments, the maximum number of units for the fall and spring semesters is 19, except for the Colleges of Law and Medicine, which have their requirements. 

The last day of Spring 2023 classes at the University of Arizona is Wednesday, May 3rd.

Does the University of Arizona have a spring break?

Yes, the University of Arizona has a Spring Break from Saturday, March 4th, through Sunday, March 12th.

This is earlier in the year than some other large state universities, although the U of A has an earlier spring semester start than most colleges. 

Shortly after spring break, registration typically opens for both summer session and Fall 2023 classes, giving students little time to get back into the swing of their academic schedules. U of A students are advised to check the registration calendar on the website of the Office of the Registrar to confirm registration dates for upcoming terms when returning from spring break. 

Does the University of Arizona have midterms?

Midterms at the University of Arizona vary by program and course.

Some classes have midterms the week before spring break, and others do not. Students are advised to review the syllabus for their courses at the start of the semester and plan for midterms as required by their courses.  

When do spring semester classes end at the University of Arizona?

The last day of Spring 2023 classes at the University of Arizona is Wednesday, May 3rd.

Like the fall semester, students have one day off as a reading period to focus on studying before finals begin. 

When are the finals at the University of Arizona?

The finals period of the Spring 2023 semester runs from May 5th to May 11th.

As with the Fall semester, not all students must remain on campus through May 11th, as course-specific finals schedules determine actual dates. The increased popularity of online finals also provides flexibility for students who need to leave campus earlier in May for internship opportunities.

Graduation takes place at the commencement of finals on Friday, May 12th. 

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Does the University of Arizona offer summer courses?

Yes, the University of Arizona has several summer course options for students looking to take additional units.

U of A offers the following summer terms:

  • Pre-Session: May 15th – June 3rd
  • 7 Week Sessions: May 15th – June 30th and July 3rd – August 18th
  • 13-Week Session: May 15th – August 9th
  • 5 Week Sessions: June 5th – July 6th and July 10th – August 9th
  • 10-Week Session: June 5th – August 9th

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